Pinnacle 920

The world's most powerful small wind turbine

Simply the best in class, designed by experts.


Barely audible above ambient wind noise.


Blades are encapsulated by the diffuser.

Additional Information

We have invested more than 4 years of product research and development, including extensive computational simulations, wind tunnel testing, and field testing. Our technology is proven and leverages over 20 years of research expertise at the University of Newcastle.

Our blades have been precision engineered from carbon fibre composites and key structural components are machined from aluminium and stainless steel. The electronics have been developed by control engineers, experienced with small-scale wind. We have carefully designed our turbine and chosen materials to result in a long operational life.

Besides our market-leading efficiency, our turbine is also features a plug-and-play electrical system for 48 VDC systems, provides improved safety and reduced noise during operation, while being compact in size to facilitate retrofit on existing towers.

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More details and technical specifications can are available in our product brochure.

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Rated power                                      220 W

Rated wind speed                             11 m/s (40 kph)

Rotor diameter                                  900 mm

Output voltage                                   21, 24, 48 DC

Annual Production                            440 kWh (ave 4.5 m/s)

Mass                                                   17 kg

UV Protection                                    20 Years