$0 up-front

Wind energy leasing with a predictable monthly bill. A capital-free solution that reduces operating costs and increases the sustainability of your business from day one.

Project design

We work closely with you during the project development to ensure a smooth delivery with maximum power generation.


 Every microgrid is unique. Diffuse Energy can determine your future energy savings and predicted CO2 reduction.


 It feels like there is new microgird technology appearing every day. We offer a no lock-in, cancel anytime contract. Simple.

Ongoing support

 Our wind turbines are designed to withstand 20+ years of service. In the unlikely event of a component failure, we will send out replacement components free of charge. We have you covered.

Worry free

Don’t worry about diesel fuel cost fluctuations or fickle government energy policy. Don't be left stranded by internal workforce turnover or loss of institutional knowledge.

Enquire now

Find out how much wind energy could save at your site.

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